Exitech Inception Spyder

Are you looking for a street legal but still race ready track day car. Look no further, Inception Spyder are here!

Exitech Inception Spyder

Inception Spyder is  a mid-engine car that you

assemble yourself. The big advantage is that you can adapt the car exactly as you want. Small light 1.8 liter turbo engine? A high-revving V8 from the Audi RS4? Or why not a Suzuki Hayabusa with a sequential gearbox. Ever want the perfect track day car? Build it yourself!

We offer our customer the car body, suspension parts and the chassis. Everything else is up to the customer to decide. The finished car weighs just around 800 kg depending on engine choice.

Currently, we are not ready for delivery, but we are working hard to gett our prototype street legal shortly.

Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about this kit.

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Design and engineering.

At Exitech, we place just as much focus on the chassis and suspension as the design of the car's body.

No detail is left to chance.

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As a part of the company Exitech we also recycle used automotive clay.

RecyClay repackages your clay for direct reuse in your business.This means lower costs for garbage disposal, but mainly that is how it showsthe costs of purchasing new clay.

More info about this here..